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Top attractions in Dubai

by Trip Instinct
Dubai_top attractions_tripinstinct

Dubai_top attractions_tripinstinct

Top attractions Dubai from the best known such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj al Arab Hotel, to the most recently opened sights. We will discover together in this article the most interesting attractions that you should not miss during your visit in UAE – Dubai.

Sky Views Observatory Dubai

Do you want to experience something extraordinary? Conquer your fear of heights and walk on transparent glass floors! In addition, you also have a toboggan experience between floors, with completely transparent walls!

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Attractions Dubai_Al Ain_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Al Ain_tripinstinct

Museum of the Future

Do you want to see what the future will look like? What technologies will we use, how will we move, what revolutionary products will we use? A visit to the Museum of the Future can answer these questions.

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Dubai Frame

Open since 2018, it’s a super attraction that can make you wait in line for a while. For 52 AED you can take a ride with the elevator 150 m up and enjoy the view over the city. Plus, there are areas with transparent floors so you can look up into the void.

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What we liked most was that this attraction, as evening falls, changes colours by going through all shades of the rainbow. Only once you pay the entrance fee you will be able to get right next to the Dubai Frame, otherwise access is forbidden.

Attractions Dubai_Dubai Frame_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Dubai Frame_tripinstinct

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the top attractions in Dubai and holds the record for being the tallest building in the world. A visit to Dubai and climbing the Burj Khalifa is a must do. To climb the Burj Khalifa you need to enter the Dubai Mall.

A visit to the Burj Khalif most easily scheduled is by purchasing your ticket online. This way you can choose the day and time you want to go up.

The most popular times are from morning to sunset or dusk so you can capture photos from above both day and night. During December-January sunset is approximately between 17.35-17.55.

Observation Decks in Burj Khalifa are of 2 types: At the Top access floors 124+125 or At the Top, B.K. Sky access floors 124+125 and 148. The difference between the 2 is price and service.

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At The Top

At the Top single access starts at 141 aed/pers. where you stay in line and have access to the 2 floors only, enjoy the view.

The 124th floor is where the elevator drops you off and where you can get a better view through a state-of-the-art telescope and an outdoor observation deck.

On the 125th floor the observation deck is only on the inside, it is 360° and there is also a souvenir shop here. Between the 124th and 125th floors you can only climb the stairs.

The lift travels the distance to the 124th floor in only 60 seconds. And once you have reached the 124th floor, i.e. 425 m, you can stay as long as you like, time is not restricted.

At the At the Top B.K. Sky access you have a separate row, a guide, priority access, drinks and snacks as well as a view from 555 meters above sea level.

Access price

The price starts at 525 aed/pers. for access between 9.30-18 and goes up to 371 aed/pers. for the rest of the hours.

Access tickets can be purchased from the official website up to one month in advance. Access is restricted to a certain number of tickets sold/hour of access. So if you really want a certain date and time, act early.

In particular, if you go on Friday-Sunday holidays, international holidays or if you are a large group, make sure you have your tickets purchased in advance, even a month in advance.

In my experience, during the winter holidays it is quite crowded, you can wait 45 minutes in line. That’s why it’s best to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than the time you bought access.  


Upstairs, the crowds can make it difficult to get a photo of just you. Good photo spots are hunted and there will be a queue for you.

They have luggage storage in case you arrive with too many bags. You can climb with food and water.

Attractions Dubai_Burj Khalifa_panorama_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Burj Khalifa_panorama_tripinstinct

Miracle Garden

It is only open during winter and is a fairytale of flowers and characters. Elephants, turtles, Disney characters, Smurf Village as well as an Emirates plane await you!

Everything is covered with 250 million flowers of different colours, with great attention to detail.

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To get to the Miracle Garden you either take a taxi or take the metro to the Mall of Emirates and then take the 105 bus for another 30 minutes for which you need a separate ticket loaded on your travel card. The ticket is 10 aed/pers, return. It is recommended to load the card on the return journey from the Mall of Emirates station.

Attractions Dubai_Miracle garden_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Miracle garden_tripinstinct


Dubai Mall Aquarium

Located in Dubal Mall you can’t miss it as part of the fish tunnel is visible from the mall. You can settle for that or you can get a ticket and go exploring. You will pass through an impressive fish tunnel that is said to be the largest in the world at 51 m long, 20 m wide and 11 m high.

Then go up to the second floor in the mall and walk through the spaces with aquariums and animals, in total over 140 species.

If you like Macau parrots, alligators, fish and colourful fish, turtles, jellyfish and all sorts of other little animals, pay a visit here. For an additional fee, you can get up close and personal with sharks, manta rays, alligators or have VIP encounters.

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Dubai attractions_Aquarium Dubai Mall_tripinstinct

Dubai attractions_Aquarium Dubai Mall_tripinstinct


Atlantis AquaPark

The water park at the Atlantis Hotel is a destination that will definitely take up a day of your holiday in the Emirates. Built next to the famous Atlantis Hotel on the man-made Palm Jumeirah Island, guests staying at the hotel get free entry to the park.

This was not the case for us, so we can give you a full description of how to get there and how much it costs to get to Atlantis Parc.

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How to get to Atlantis

You go by metro to DAMAC station. Then you take the tram to Palm Jumeirah station and that’s how you get close to the island. Transport on the Palm Jumerirah is done by Monorail, a single-track train.

If for the metro and tram the ticket is purchased from the electronic wallet of the transport card, for the Monorail you need an additional ticket. Cost 30 aed return/pers. As usual, the ticket is validated on entry and exit.

The Monorail runs every 15 minutes and drops you off right in front of the Atlantis entrance. One trip takes 12 minutes.

Do your math on which area of Dubai you are staying in and how far it is to Atlantis Park! During the winter, the park is open from 10am to 5pm and with all the activities you can do and new things you can try, you’d better get there within the first few minutes of opening.

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Info about entry tickets

We recommend you to get your ticket online. In addition, if it is your birthday during your stay in Dubai, you get free access to Atlantis Park. Just fill in a form online and they will send you a voucher valid for one week after your birthday to present at the ticket offices.

At the ticket office you will be issued a zero value ticket and that’s it! You will need the voucher with which you registered that you want a free ticket for your birthday as well as your passport.

Depending on the day you go, occupancy, etc. the price of a ticket purchased on site is higher than the price of an online ticket. Apart from access, the ticket does not give you anything else. If you want a locker to leave your stuff in, it costs extra. A small locker will be 55 aed.


If there are 2 of you, we recommend you get a large locker. It will cost extra, but you can put all your stuff in it. And anyway, you have to choose where the locker should be, in the women’s or men’s locker room.

If you want water, food, you have to pay extra. Access with water or food from outside is forbidden and there is a control of the luggage you bring into the park. In addition, once you’re in there, if you’ve had breakfast, you don’t have to eat or when to eat. They have plenty of attractions and you never get tired of all the fun!

They have plenty of attractions where the adrenaline level rises. From wave channels, toboggans for the little ones or free falls for the brave, beach access, dolphin encounters or discovering „The Lost Chamber” are all worth trying.

Currently there are 3 towers, Neptune’s Tower, Poseidon’s Tower and more recently the Trident Tower from where you can admire the view and take in attractions like Anaconda, Zoomerang, etc. It’s worth a try!

For those who want to try all the attractions and not stand in line there is the Fast Track bracelet. This gives you the opportunity to get to the front of all the attractions on a separate row. For this facility and park entrance ticket you will pay extra.

Attractions Dubai_Atlantis Aquapark_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Atlantis Aquapark_tripinstinct

Markets for gold, spices, cashmere and perfumes

Located in the area of Al Ras metro station and traditionally called souk, you can spend from a few hours here to negotiations that will fill an entire afternoon. Operating from morning until around 1pm then, the traders take a lunch break from 1-4pm and continue until late evening.

For gold purchases, you can ask the shop for a form to refund the VAT paid. More details can be obtained in the shop or at the customs office at the airport.

The shop windows are full of gold, semi-precious stones and diamonds and the shopkeepers will also tempt you around the corner with watches.

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Crossing Dubai Creek with Abra

Abra is a larger traditional boat with a capacity of 15 people that crosses the Dubai Creek from the market area of Al Ras to Al Ghubaiba. In Al Ghubaiba you will find the ferryboat terminal as well as the materials market. If you want cashmere items, this is the place to go.

Boarding is on a first-come, first-served basis, there is usually no queuing and flights operate every 5 minutes, depending on how many passengers are arriving. The cost of the abra is 1 aed/way/pers. and is paid directly to the ferryman.

Attractions Dubai_abra crossing_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_abra crossing_tripinstinct


Ferry ride to Dubai Marina

The ferryboat is best taken during the day to enjoy the cityscape. Departures from Al Ghuibaba and Dubai Marina are at the same times: 11.30am, 1pm and 6.30pm. Travel time is 2 hours.

The cost is 50 aed/pers/way. The view is worth it, especially as you can go out on deck and take pictures of the „Dubai Skyline” – Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab Hotel, Atlantis Hotel and water park or the imposing buildings of Dubai Marina.


Dubai Marina

Capture photos of cloudscapes, yachts and luxury living in Dubai! Step inside Dubai Marina Mall, another shopping mall splendour. It is a real pleasure to walk along the Dubai Marina promenade. There’s plenty of room for jogging, strolling and admiring the surrounding buildings, the ships passing through the canal and enjoying the spectacular view.

Attractions Dubai_Dubai Marina_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Dubai Marina_tripinstinct


Burj al Arab Hotel

Dubai’s emblem, the hotel you find on every souvenir. You can also go inside if you make a reservation at one of its restaurants or have a bite to eat at one of the hotel’s outdoor lounges.

If you want to take pictures of the hotel from afar, we recommend going to the local public beach in the morning until lunchtime. Another area with fantastic views of the Burj al Arab is the Madinat Jumeirah Souk.

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Green Planet

The Green Planet from Dubai si an indoor space zoo and garden with over 3000 species of animals and plants. You can intercat with the birds and even experience a rain in the tropical forest. It is a great place for adults and children.

Dubai attractions_Green Planet_tripinstinct

Dubai attractions_Green Planet_tripinstinct


Dubai Mall Fountains

They are a free attraction to attend as often as you like, being the largest musical fountains in the world. Show times depend on the season, day of the week and the duration of a show is about 5 minutes. Their repertoire includes songs by famous artists.

If you want to watch a show from high above, there are various restaurants overlooking the fountains or you can attend the show for free on the terrace of the Apple store in Dubai Mall.

Attractions Dubai_Dubai fountains_tripinstinct

Attractions Dubai_Dubai fountains_tripinstinct


Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is a masterpiece design building inaugurated in 2022 which takes you to a journey into future of the humanity, in year 2071. It is a place to explore, learn and find out more about how technology will shape the world in the future and our adaption to a continually evolving world. It is a must see attraction if you have time to explore Dubai.

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